Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows announcement trailer

Sony PlayStation Portable really refuses to die as japanese developers are continuing work on projects for Sony’s first handheld and some companies like Atlus and Xseed  are continuing to support the system in the west with localizations of older japanese titles and PSN only releases.
Last year XSeed announced the acquisition of the rights for the japanese Survival Horror – Rpg hybrid Corpse Party.
The history of The Corpse Party franchise is a peculiar one: starting as a “dojin game” ( games created by japanese hobbyists), the first game in the series was developed using the RPG Maker software and released in 1996.
The game was remade and released again for Windows Personal Computers in 2008, for PSP in 2010 and iOS devices this February. A sequel was released in Japan on PSP last year. There are also four manga adaptions, published by Square-Enix, Media Factory and Mag Garden.

The first Corpse Party game is a linear survival horror adventure with some light RPG elements: players control a party of one to 5 characters, exploring a haunted school ground, interacting with non playable characters, picking up items and solving the mystery behind the cursed school. Unlike most survival horrors character can’t be physically harmed and it’s going to be the events around them that will shape their destiny within the game. The first game has been praised for his good narrative and replayability. The games sports a system called “Wrong Endings”, activated when the player performs actions that are irrelevant to the ultimate goal: as the story unfolds, more wrong endings are possible.

Today XSeed announcent the localization of the sequel of the first Corpse Party Game. Released last year in japan, Corpse Party: Book Of Shadows features a slightly different gameplay experience: gone is the top down view in favor of a point and click interface. For the rest we can expect the usual combination of mystery, tension and horror and a compelling plot.

XSeed hasn’t given an exact release date: the aim is for a 2012 release on PSN. No word yet on PSVita Compatibility.



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