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It’s no mystery that the new Sony handheld console PsVita is struggling on the market both in Japan and in the West. Lack of constant good releases is one of the reasons since when a good game gets out hardware sales always see a good rise, as it was with Persona 4: Golden release in Japan. The game will be available next week in North America and we’re gonna give a small look to the game, hoping that it will boost sales as it did in Japan.

Persona 4: Golden begins like the original Ps2 game: the unnamed main character transfers from a big city to the rural town of Inaba for a year. Once off the train he’s greeted by his uncle Dojima and cousin Nanako and a mysterious story of thrill and murder will start to unfold.
The first addition players will notice during the game is a new character called Marie, which will have the biggest impact on the game: character customization in Persona 4 lies in the creation of Personas, mythological monsters who serve as a “facade to face difficulties in life”, which can be obtained after battles and fused together to obtain stronger stats and skills. Thanks to Marie players will be able to use skill cards obtainable in various ways during the game to customize their personas even further with specific skills, without having to spend precious time trying to find the perfect combination of Personas to fuse to get a specific skill.

The simulation aspects of the game have been improved as well: there are new social links available with Marie and Tohru Adachi, detective Dojima underling, and more personas attached to their arcanas, the Aeon and Jester arcana.

No matter the time, there’s always something to do in Persona 4: new to the Psvita version is Okina City. Once the main character will get a motorbike he’ll be able to visit the city’s movie theater, the costume shop and the Chagall Caf√® which sells skill cards; a new fishing spot will be available in the city with new fishes to catch.
Even the Dojima residence will feature new activities: players will be able to help Nanako tend to her garden and even take part in a bug catching minigame.

The additions don’t stop here: there are new story events which help develop the characters even further and a new extra dungeon.
The game is literally packed with content and Persona fans will definitely love it!

Persona 4: Golden will be available in North America next week, November 20 on PsVita with an European version coming next year. Expect a full review  very soon.



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