Trackmania 2 getting Stadium, Valley content in early 2013

Trackmania 2 getting Stadium, Valley content in early 2013

Trackmania 2: Canyon won’t be just Canyon anymore. A new blog post on ManiaPlanet has confirmed that two environmental packs will be hitting the game early next year – Stadium and Valley. Stadium will mark a return of the series’ signature arena-like tracks, while Valley will turn the game into more of a rally racer along with the craziness from Trackmania we all know and love.

“Some people say we are making a car racing game for the first time with Valley,” said Nadeo founder Florent Castelnerac. “Before it’s been crazy crazy – now it’s just driving crazy.” Stadium and Valley will be released on Nadeo’s ManiaPlanet next year, with a report from Eurogamer stating that Stadium will be free to play.

Meanwhile, Nadeo’s ShootMania: Storm has also been given a release date, January 23, 2013. The game is a frantic multiplayer shooter that is just entering the second phase of its beta and introducing grappling hooks to its participants. The game shares some similar features with Trackmania, including a map editor.

Trackmania 2: Canyon was originally released in September last year and was a success with critics, with a metascore of 81. Reviewers praised the game’s easy to use map editor, fun gameplay, enjoyable multiplayer and huge selection of tracks while noting that the game has more of a generic feel compared to its predecessor.

Valley and Stadium are hitting Windows PC’s early next year. In the meantime enjoy this music video from the original Trackmania.

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