TF2 Sniper Guide

TF2 Sniper Guide

This article is a general guide on how to play Team Fortress 2 as a sniper.

As a sniper the most key point to successfulness, behind accuracy, is stealth. It’s no good being the world’s best sniper if people find you very quickly, because if somebody finds you as a sniper, you have close to no chance.


Here are the keys to staying alive as a sniper: don’t go to the same place each time after spawning, after a kill or two move to a different spot, choose positions that have minimal paths to your location so that if someone is coming after you, you can see them coming and hopefully take them down before you’re in their range.

Some important things, if you are not a great sniper yet, when somebody is moving around or jumping about, there is no point in trying to snipe them, you will reveal your position and get killed. Don’t fire at scouts too much, their ability to move around quickly jump from side to side in mid-air (literally) makes it seemingly impossible to aim and time your shot.

In this game there is a slight delay from the time you fire your sniper to the time when it hits your target. Although this is more realistic, most games skip on this feature. This should only be a problem if you have played games like Call of Duty, where it is almost instantaneous even at a long range.

Most game modes are suitable for a sniper but the best game modes for a sniper would be; Capture the Flag, Payload, Payload race, Special Delivery, King of the Hill and even Mann vs Machine if you are willing to take up more of a support role, then a top kill role.

Now, let’s talk guns. This is just my preference but it has worked for me very well for a long time in TF2.

For beginners, the Sydney Sleeper is definitely the weapon of choice, it’s not overly focused on headshots and can still take down enemies efficiently. Things you should know about the Sydney Sleeper:


  • It can take down Medics, Scouts, Engineers, Spies and other Snipers in as little one charged shot and if not, they can be finished off with one un-charged shot.
  • This gun is most effective on the characters with smaller builds.

Function times

  • Charge time 2.8 seconds


  • No-scope 45-50
  • Scoped no charge 45-50
  • Scoped full charged 130-160
  • Scoped Critical 450

For more experienced players, I recommend the Huntsman. Now this weapon is very hard to handle and takes a lot of practice and skill. If you are successful in games with this gun, it definitely shows sniper skill that nobody can debate. But the main reason I use this gun, is it’s so much fun! It’s much more of an achievement to kill someone with this gun and much more satisfying!


  • They have made this weapon very realistic, it is slower than a bullet and starts to curve downwards. This means you have to predict your enemies’ movements and plan your trajectory to make sure you land one in your enemies head.
  • You don’t have much health so when you are consecutively firing at somebody, turn around the corner to charge up and protect yourself.
  • Aim for more stationary enemies before you go for scouts, especially with this weapon!
  • The key to success with this gun is practice, and lots of it, get used to having to compensate for time and downwards force so that it becomes natural.

Function Times

  • Full charge time 1 second
  • Inaccuracy delay 5 seconds


  • No charge 50
  • Full charge 120
  • Critical hit no charge 150
  • Critical hit full charge 360

Now for some simple information, Jarate is a jar full of urine that you may throw at your enemy or yourself. If you throw it at your enemy it makes them take 35% more damage and will get rid of spies cloaking devices. When thrown at you or your team it will extinguish fires. Jarate can be washed off in water. This weapon is unlocked after 11 sniper achievements are completed.

Charging is simply the amount of time you spend zoomed/scoped.

Hope you enjoyed this and I hope it helps you guys become a great sniper and good luck!


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