SWTOR Goes Free-to-Play

BioWare has announced that their MMO will go free-to-play next week. The company announced that the game would no longer require a $15 monthly fee to play, but gameplay will be limited for those playing the game for free.  This detailed breakdown show what will and will not be available on the new modle:

Character Creation Choices: limited
Operations: a paid weekly pass is required
Warzones: five per week or the purchase of a paid pass required
Flashpoints: open, but with limited rewards after three full reward Flahspoints per week
Space Missions: three per week or open with a paid weekly pass
Cargo Hold: gain and expand with Cartel Coins
Inventory: limited, can be expanded with Cartel Coins
Crew Skills: one for free, additional available for purchase
Quick Travel: longer cooldown period, can be removed with paid purchase
Emergency Fleet Pass: no free access, must be purchased
Death: revives at the nearest Med Center are unlimited, but free players can only revive in the field a total of five times. Additional field revives must be purchased with Cartel Coins
Item Equipping: most purple items locked to free players unless a license is purchased

That breakdown was courtesy of GameSpy.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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