StarForge Reaches First Funding Goal

Sites like Indie GoGo and Kickstarter have been an incredibly useful tool for indie productions, helping bring us all sorts of games. Well, now the ambitious world-creation, alien-shooting, parkour-running game StarForge has reached its funding goal.





StarForge was looking to acquire $75,000 dollars to develop their game. While this might not seem like a small amount, nor an extremely large amount, When you look at the massive and ambitious goal StarForge is setting for itself, you can’t help but be amazed.

StarForge isn’t stopping there. The team has a number of long term goals, each of which they have set a funding goal for. These stretch goal include a huge number of additions, including Doomsday Events, Liquid Physics, and Companion AI.

Starforge has huge potential, and if you are a fan of Halo, Minecraft or simply indie games in general, StarForge may deserve your support. Find their Indie GoGo page Here.

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