Shadowgate Kickstarter Ends at $137 Thousand

The Kickstarter campaign for Shadowgate, the reimagining of the classic point and click adventure game from  1987 has successfully ended at $137,232 dollars. The developers posted a big “THANK YOU!!!!”

We can’t say thank you enough but we will try. THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting our small company and our favorite fantasy game! While our Kickstarter campaign has come to a successful close, our adventure definitely has NOT ended here!
For the foreseeable future, we will be accepting donations for this new re-imagined Shadowgate via PayPal on our website. And YES, you can still get the awesome swag rewards we offered here! Note that all donations will go toward our stretch goals.
We will soon be sending out surveys to all our backers. These will ask questions regarding reward options and shipping info so keep an eye out for that.
While we will be releasing updates via Kickstarter, please sign up for the Zojoi Newsletter on our Home page.
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We’ve listed a few of our Stretch Goals below! These goals will make the game even more awesome! Please consider our tiers and Add-Ons we are offering on our PayPal page. THANKS AGAIN FROM THE ENTIRE ZOJOI TEAM!!!




Here is a link in case you’re interested.

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