Razer’s New Gaming Laptop: The Blade

There are many laptops that have amazed me in the past, but none come close to the just today announced Razer Blade. Razer makes many beastly gaming products such as the Naga MMO mouse or the Black Widow Keyboard, and now there is a new product to add to the list: The new Razer Blade Gaming Laptop. The new laptop keeps the same design as its predecessor, but has a big boost in the technology on the inside.

The new gamer laptop has many new specs such as an upgrade to the processor. The new laptop features a Intel Core i7 CPU which will improve gaming performance a bunch. It also includes a new Graphics Card, the Nvidia Geforce GTX, which will really come in handy when playing Crysis on the go. The new laptop is less than an inch thick, includes a cool hybrid drive, and a High-Definition 17.3″ screen.

Probably the most amazing part of the Razer Blade is the new SwitchBlade UI. The Blade includes 10 programmable buttons which the user can program for specific games, but the buttons look like they are meant to be used for FPS’s and MMO’s. The best part of the laptop though is the cool new touchpad. The touchpad is now multitouch and is very fast when compared to regular mouses. The touchpad also doubles as an LCD screen which can be turned on and off. The LCD screen displays in-game information that will keep users ahead of the game in most situations.

With all the new tech inside of the Blade, Razer still decided to give it a nice price-cut. The new Blade is $300 cheaper than it’s predecessor at $2,499 which makes it a little more into reach for regular gamers. Owners of the the old Blade will also recieve a $500 price cut, which will bring the price down to $1,999. The new Razer Blade will be coming out on September 30th,  so gamers will be able to rejoice pretty soon.

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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  1. What ever happened to Alienware? ever since Dell bought them I havent seen any real news about the over the top gaming laptops and gaming PC’s they used to flaunt… did they go to corporate?

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