A Preview of GW2’s “Lost Shore”

This Friday, ArenaNet will release its second major content patch, titled the Lost Shore. Massively has a  intriguing preview to the three major additions that this patch will bring to the world of Tyria. Most excitingly, Massively revealed to us the crux of the patch:

The Lost Shores is all about the karka, a race of new-to-us foes from the depths of the sea. After being driven to their surface from their murky hives, the karka settled in Southsun Cove until the Consortium, a merchant outfit from Lion’s Arch, got all up in their wheelhouse. Now it’s up to players to resolve a grudge match between the karka and basically everyone else.

Shortly after, ArenaNet themselves upped the stakes, release a preview trailer which showed off the Karka in action

The Massively primer also previewed the two other additions  A new PvP map and a New dungeon. The new PvP map, entitled the Temple of the Silent Storm, will be  “very vertical”, and feature an interesting boss mechanic. The new dungeon, known as the Fractal of the Mists promises to be a new hard-mode-esq challenge for many GW2 players. The more players play this dungeon, the more difficult it becomes, and the better the rewards get.

So, If your ready for a good time in Tyria, make sure to swing  by Lion’s Arch this weekend and discover the Lost Shores!

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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