TF2 Mann vs Machine Guide: Soldier

Unlike the some of the other classes, the Soldier doesn’t have a great difference in strategy between the standard and Mann vs Machine game types. Instead the Soldier maintains its same set up of classic, almost universal FPS game play. For this reason he is a great class for someone who isn’t really a Team Fortress 2 player but wants to check it out now that there is something new new in the game or a friend that that is being in to pad your numbers. He is also a fun choice if you are in a match made game and want to do good without to much team strategy.

Due to the tower-defense-like game play of the Mann vs Machine mode, the best place for the Soldier to be is higher ground. In the first few rounds you might want to be closer to the front lines, otherwise all of the mvm maps have good central towers for the soldier to make home. While this helps in general, it’s especially helpful against melee based Heavy robots. At least as the game mode stands now the AI for these robots isn’t very good. When your at a higher level than them, more often than not they will simply swing at you from bellow not actually trying to find a way up. If this happens be careful not to shoot a rocket at your feet trying to kill them. I’m sure this seems obvious, but in the heat of battle it’s a mistake I made more than once.

Just like knowing where the exits are on an air plane, you’ll want to find the ammo caches around the area. Your rocket launcher doesn’t have that much ammo relatively, so this’ll be useful information. Engineer dispensers help to, but I wouldn’t count them as they will get taken down pretty quick once the game actually gets going.

Once the game gets going, though the play style is the same as standard TF2 there are a few things to watch out for. As bad as the melee Heavy enemies are, the Demoman are good. Their aim is always good and the giant form has the rapid fire upgrade. This makes lining up a shot pretty difficult as you try to dodge a barrage of bombs. The other enemy to watch out for is the Giant Pyro, as they have the ability to reflect rockets with their air burst. Please realize that by “reflect,” I mean your rocket will come straight back at you every time. Getting around this is as easy as aiming for their feet or back, but since they are giant the temptation to aim for a direct hit will be present.

As far as upgrades go your best bet is to focus on your rocket launcher, as that is the unique capability that the Soldier brings to the table. If you upgrade the launcher’s clip size then also upgrade the reload speed. Unlike the Scout’s scattergun, the Soldier has to reload every rocket in the clip. Having a high clip size and a low reload speed can become very frustrating. This is especially true against the tank, when the danger is minimal but speed is absolutely crucial. In addition, upgrading the projectile speed is a good choice. This means you won’t need to lead your target as much, and can simply point and click. Unless you are already an experienced Soldier, in which case upgrading the damage might be a better choice.

The Soldier is one of the better classes for learning the details of MvM. This is your classic video game soldier in some brilliant and classic Valve game play.

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  1. Great guide!

    Tip for avoideing Demoman grenades: They will always aim at where you were, not where you’re going. This means that as long as you strafe (in the same direction – left or right) around them, their grenades will always be one step behind, meaning they won’t be able to hit you. So, really, just strafe left or right instead of back and forth, and you’ll be fine most of the time :D!

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