TF2 Mann vs Machine Guide: Scout

When playing Mann vs Machine, The Scout is one of the few classes that is essential to making a good team. The Scout’s main purpose in this game type is to quickly gather up all the money that drops after each robot is killed. The money in this game type is communal, so no body should be worrying about grabbing “their cash” from their kills. Also having this money will be very necessary for beating the later rounds, as the money is used to buy new perks at the spawn point. Hence you definitely want a Scout on your team.

The Scout has several passive abilities that help in the money gathering. The first is a larger radius for the distance from which you can gather the money. Just quickly sprint past any pile to pick it up. The second is that the Scout regenerates health from picking up money. This allows you to run straight into battle without fear, as every dead robot is a chunk of health back. Because of this you might be temped to run in right as the round starts. Really the Scout doesn’t do enough damage to get the quick kills necessary for this to be a good tactic. Instead wait a few moment for your heavy or turret to mow down a few of the bots. This way you’ll have a stock pile of health waiting for you where the action is.

At the very start of the game you’ll have enough money to buy a couple upgrades. There are a couple different options that I’d suggest here. Please note that I predominantly have my Scout set up with the #1 Fan set up, so I don’t really know or have an opinion on how the milk or soda’s would work in MvM. I usually will choose to upgrade my Scout’s health regeneration. This is because with the Atomizer baseball bat I can triple jump, but sacrificing ten points of health. Having the regenerative health allows one to undo this damage from the triple jump.

The other upgrade that I’ll get for the first round is increasing the swing speed on my baseball bat. This allows you to get right in the middle of the action and swing away at the masses of robots. If you do want to get this upgrade at all do it early because it quickly becomes less useful. This upgrade is helpful when the wave is made up mostly of other Scouts as they have such low health that doing any amount of damage is good. When more powerful enemies arrive you either wont be able to reach them with the melee, or if you even do hit them it won’t take away much of their health.

In the later waves I’d recommend getting various upgrades for your scattergun. Your scattergun always has seemed more useful than your pistol. The scattergun’s spread is really helpful when the wave first arrives. The only times you may actually want a more centered aim is on the giant robot enemies, so they are big enough for the scattergun to still be perfectly effective. The best upgrades for the scattergun I can recommend if you have the soda popper or the force-a-nature is the increased clip size. These start out with only a couple rounds so you’ll want more rounds either way, but for these two you won’t increase the reload speed at all. You’ll three or more rounds, but only have to reload the original two. For this same reason you won’t ever need to upgrade the reload speed on these guns.

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  1. Don’t forget to add resistances! Even with all those HP-regen mechanics, you won’t stay alive very long in later waves without resistances. With full resistances, a good Scout can stay alive without dying once through an entire mission.

    For those Scouts who don’t use the #1 Fan, Milk is a great way to help your team because they give health back, as well as slowing the robots down (Milk upgrade).

    Also, if you have a Sandman or Fan O’ War, always, always use those. Marking giants for full crits can make the difference between win or loss for your team.

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