TF2 Mann vs Machine Guide: Heavy

While he is usually considered a simpler class that’s easy to pick up in the standard mode, in Mann vs Machine the Heavy is one of the more intricate to play as. While playing as the Heavy your upgrade purchases and and even your basics strategies can change depending on the design of the forthcoming wave of enemies. These various tactics can be boiled down into two categories though. These are whether your enemies are primarily melee or ranged.

The first few waves are usually made up mostly melee classes. These’ll include the scout or maybe the melee Heavy robots. When this is the case it is OK to get closer to the front lines, as you should be mowing them down before they get anywhere near you. You will also want to stay on the same elevation as your enemies. This makes it easier to switch your aim between targets as you kill them as you only have to pan side to side, rather than circling around the field. When purchasing upgrades for this kind of wave your best bet is definitely to purchase bullet penetration. This will allow you a chance to kill multiple enemies at once. Because this upgrade costs 400 you won’t be able to get any other upgrades for the first round if you do choose this one.

Once you move into wave with more ranged or explosive enemies you’ll want to change up your strategy. Instead of staying at your enemies level, you’ll definitely want to get to higher ground. This will allow you a better chance at dodging enemy fire. Otherwise doing this is extremely difficult because of the Heavy’s slow movement speed. Also most health and ammo caches are on top of buildings, and these will now be necessary in the later waves. When purchasing upgrades for a wave like this the best one is definitely the ability to destroy projectile for the mini-gun. This upgrade is only a single purchase that allows you to shoot enemy Soldier’s rockets out of the air. As Soldier’s are one of the toughest classes to fight as the Heavy, this is a really great upgrade. Unfortunately it costs 600 so it won’t be available till the later waves, but you won’t really need it till then anyways. Thankfully your older purchases will still be useful beyond the beginning waves, such as Bullet penetration which is really good for fighting giant enemies.

There are also several upgrades that are universally useful. Ammo capacity is great as running out out mini-gun ammo is really easy, and you don’t have to worry about reloading. I also always love buy regenerative health or regaining health from kills, but these are especially useful for the Heavy when using the class as a tank. You’ll want these if you’re playing in a proactive stance in the midst of battle. The more damage you can absorb the better.

The Heavy isn’t the easiest class to pick up in Mann vs Machine, but it’s really fun. It’s a great way to learn to work with your team mates and become a more mailable player.

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