Skyrim Restricted Builds: Hunter

I love challenges, and seeing the countless possibilties in Bethesda’s brilliant Skyrim which came out November of last year, l couldn’t help myself with coming up with some variant characters. The rules here are applicable for X Box, PS3 and PC, they’re simply guidlines and feel free to change what you think best suits you and your character.

That being said, let’s start with the first build: Hunter.

Hunters are some of the best archers in all Skyrim, they’re silent quick and know the countryside better than anyone, due to their alchemist ability can make a multitude of potions with the ingredients they find during their travels. Lone wolfs who spend most of their time hunting and only go to towns to sell the goods their found or killed in the woods.




The obvious choice for a hunter is Bosmer, who better to hunt in the woods than a Wood Elf ? Their 50% resistance to poisons and diseases comes in handy fighting spiders wolfs and other creatures. The Command Animal also is very useful, it can save you from a bear attack, provide you with a valuable ally or a shield as you retreat.


Another good choice would be the Khajiit (my favourite race), due to the way they are looked down upon by the Nords the lone wolf hunter role suits them perfectly. Although the claws abilty won’t help you much, the improved night vision is great for hunting.


And finally, Nords, because it’s their homeland, there must be Nord Hunters, their Battle cry works a lot like the Bosmer’s Command Animal, it can give you enough time to retreat from a particuliar dangerous enemy.



To me a hunter isn’t a hunter without a Bow so you’ll be using that most of the time and a dagger for when you have to go hand to hand. You can use a Crossbow, but to me doesn’t suit the hunter as much as a bow. The same goes for ALL other weapons, I avoided using them they just don’t suit the character.



The order of what you unlock the perks is totally up to you depending on what you think your character needs the most at that point. Some perks i’ve blocked and i’ll give my reasoning but again, feel free to change some if you want to. One last note, I’ve only put up to lvl 72, why ? Very simple, because I couldn’t see where to put other points afterwards.


Archery: You can unlock all perks but Bullseye (I don’t really like it personally), this is gonna be your main stat so get it as high as can ASAP. 15 points spent.


Light Armour: Everything can be unlocked, same as for Archery it’s a main stat, you’ll mainly be using bows and a lot of the time people will get to you before you can kill them, so you need the best defence possible so level it and unlock the perks. 10 points spent.


Sneak: Another important Skill for the hunter, all but Shadow Warrior and Assassin’s Blade can be unlock, the reason for this is having a very powerful dagger tends to make you use it too much and Shadow Warrior seems more suited to an assassin (hence the name of the perk) 11 points spent.


Alchemy:As I said earlier, you come across a lot of ingredients on your hunts, you can keep the potions if you’re not a fan of Restauration magic but Alchemy is best served as a great source of income for your character. Everything can be unlocked. 15 points spent.


One-Handed: Your dagger is your last resort when it comes to fighting and because of that only Armsman rank 4 can be obtained. The rest are not really that useful and if you want even more of a challenge drop the ranks you can use. 4 points spent.


Speech: The lone wolf part comes into play here, you can only unlock Haggling rank 2, Allure and merchant. I Didn’t really bother too much with this, if your Alchemy level is high enough you make a lot of money anyway but can help at the beginning. 4 points spent.


Enchantement: Although I would try and avoid enchanting all together, for thoses who feel it’s a must then I think enchanter rank 2 and Insightful enchanter are the most you should get. Standing over an enchanting table just doesn’t fit with this role. 3 points spent.


Smithing: Same as Enchanting, avoid if possible, but if not I’d only allow Steel, Elven, Advanced and arcane(If you use Enchanting), Again it doesn’t fit the character that much. 5 points spent.


Restauration: Because I like to sell my potions, you need Restauration. I used Novice, Apprentice, Recovery Rank 1, Avoid Death, Regeneration and Respite. The reason for not unlocking anything else is while Restauration is useful, knowing everything there is seems to much for this type of character. 6 points spent.


By my count that makes 73 points, enough to get you to lvl 72.


Other Information:

Getting a dog I found to be useful, not using followers is the best for hunting (one for them not being the most intelligent and secondly the “Outsider Hunter” should travel alone).The same for a horse, if you get good at riding and shooting it will save you hitting a deer and watching it run off in the distance! Also thanks to the addition of Hearthfire you can now build a house outside the city walls, perfect for the hunter. It goes without saying, your character being of a “good” disposition should not be stealing , murdering etc… anything against the law and avoid the Dark Brotherhood like the plague. I would also recommend doing the Companions questline to marry Aela, being a huntress herself is a great match for you (and the free bow training).



I Hope this adds a new challenge to Skyrim for anyone who tries this build, I certainly have fun with it myself (Rajh lvl 48 Khajiit hunter) and I’ll see you next time for another restricted built !

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