Google and OnLive Partnership?

We have all heard about the Google’s upcoming internet service, Google Fiber, which will significantly increase our internet speeds. Google Fiber will have Internet speeds at 1000Mbps, 100 times faster than today’s internet speeds, which will significantly increase the speed of online gaming right now. Even though Google Fiber has a pretty hefty price at $70 per month, gamers who have the money will be able to enjoy the beautiful haven that Google has set up while they blast enemy Nazi’s away in Black Ops with absolutely no lag.

OnLive is a great service for gamers who have the money and a pretty good internet speed. OnLive is a perfect service, which runs a game at OnLive’s servers and lets the gamer play it at his/her PC. I have used OnLive a few times and I must say it really shines. The beautiful graphics and sound together make a perfect gamer service. The only thing that didn’t shine was the lag. With a recommended requirement of 5mpbs, OnLive is meant for the few that always have perfect connections. It would be foolish for OnLive not to make a partnership with Google to include Google Fiber and OnLive together in one unified package. With the 1000mbps speed packaged together with a smart, popular, and user-friendly game streaming interface, OnLive would have customers flocking to play some good ol’ streamed games.

The only problem that would arise would be the hefty price tag for the installment and monthly payments. With Google Fiber at $70 a month, an OnLive game system (which isn’t required by the way) and a PlayPack subscription, that would be $99.00 flat fee, with $79.99 a month. In one year that adds up to about $1058, which (at least to me) is a little too much. OnLive and Google would have to make some price-cuts to give consumers a good internet and games service.

In conclusion, an OnLive and Google Fiber partnership would be a good and bad idea at the same time. Good, because it would provide gamer’s with access to the latest games and a great internet service as well, but bad, because the hefty cost would scare many gamers away.

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