World Cyber Games final in China

London, UK, August 15th 2012 – The UK tournaments of this year’s World Cyber Games (WCG) are now open for entry. Players have the chance to win their place at the grand final taking place in Kunshan in China from 29th November – 2nd December 2012. If you’re a gaming fan and think you have what it takes to be a winner, enter now!

For the 12th year running the awards are globally sponsored by Samsung. This year, There are three PC games in the tournament- FIFA 12, Starcraft 2 and World of Tanks. Gamers have to pre-register their interest in order to play in the tournament – with qualifiers and finals held over the next month.

  • Starcraft 2 – competition will be held at Insomnia46 gaming festival in Telford on 24th – 27th August. This is an individual tournament competition.
  • World of Tanks – Qualifiers and finals will be held at Insomnia46 gaming festival in Telford on 24th – 27th August. This is a team competition; teams of 7 are to be entered.
  • FIFA 12 – qualifiers will also be held at Insomnia46 with additional qualifiers and the final at the Eurogamer Expo on the 27th September – 30th September at Earls Court in London.

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For more information on how to pre-register your interest here:

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