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It seems like a huge trend for video game makers to entice gamers to play their games by offering up cash rewards and prizes.  although 1000 Euro’s is not a huge amount and no where near the total purse that blacklight retribution is giving away but hey free money just to stay at the top of the leader boards? (however it doesn’t say how long you need to stay there).  Based on the official website the top ten players will all receive some sort of prize money however 4th-10th place players will be paid out through Amazon or Apple Itunes gift cards.



1st price: € 1000
2nd price: € 500
3rd price: € 250
4th price: € 100
5th price: € 50
6th & 7th price: € 25
8th, 9th & 10th price: € 10


Fiction Fighters is in open beta and gives away €1,000 as prize money.

Who needs lame gear like guns or grenades? Especially if you can crush your enemy with actions like

“He ran into my fist”, “My first rocket launcher kit” or “I kill you with death”.

Fiction Fighters is a browserbased online card game set in a comic universe. Hence all actions take place in a comic style.

You chose your opponent, you set up your fighting deck and you’re good to go. Whether you battle against an NPC or another fiction fighter, always be prepared to be buried under rocks, punched by incoming syringes or grilled by a giant magnifier.

If you dare to challenge other players and of course manage to win these fights, you get awarded Fight Points, new actions, achievements and many more. All of this helps you improving your skills and upgrading your deck.

In addition, you may even win € 1,000, if you manage to get to the top of the fight ranking list – and stay there (!!!) until August 19, 2012 .

The Troll Professor – responsible Troll at CipSoft for everything slightly related to Fiction Fighters, the past and the future and everything else,
which is neither related to Fiction Fighters, nor the past, nor the future – states:

“It’s not about competition. It’s about winning. They loose, you win.
Simple as that. If you win all the time, you get the money.”

Asked about some first hand tips and tricks, he reveals

 “1st rule of Fiction Fighters: You don’t ….
2nd rule: The looser is over there.”

Fiction Fighters is free to play. Besides the PvP mode, Fiction Fighters can also be played in a story mode.

So called “Challenges” guide you through the background story of the Fiction Fighters universe. More episodes are published on a regular basis.

Fiction Fighters is currently in Beta stage. An in-game shop will follow later this year.

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