New details on Sony Online Entertainment MMORPG Dragon’s Prophet

The ” Free to play” model for Massive online games is quickly becoming widespread. It’s probably the way to go for MMORPG for a lot of reasons: a lot of players don’t like to have a monthly subscription fee and feel like they have to play as much as they can to make the money spent worth the trouble.
At the same time some simplier games like you can find on a certain social network have made microtransactions easy to do and quite popular.
Because of this many big name games such as DC Universe Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic have added a free ti play option and it seems more games are going to follow this model.
Sony Online Entertainment has unveiled new details on its F2P massive online game called Dragon’s Prophet, first announced some time ago.
Developed by Runewaker Entertainment, the thaiwanese team behind the successful MMORPG Runes Of Magic, the game takes the player into the continent of Auratia: the developers promise over more than 300 different dragons of eight types to fight and ride, an action battle system and the usual class system, with 4 classes (wizard, priest, ranger and warrior) already confirmed to be in the game.

There will also be are four human civilizations and many sub-human civilizations., each of them with a paricualar architecture style. There will also be many villages with an indivudual theme like windmills and huge ships restaurants. Each region will have three 20 minutes quests available, each with its own difficulty levels. Player will be able to choose to tackle each quest with 4 other players or do it solo for more rewards. A frontier system was also introduced to allow players to create their perfect kingdom

Right now players can sign for beta testing here and watch the new trailer.
No definite release date was given but developers are shooting for 2012 release.



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