MoP Pushes WoW back over 10 Million

Maybe it was the new content, maybe it was the dragons, and maybe, just maybe it was the pandas, but Blizzard’s newest addition to the World of Warcraft family, the Mists of Pandaria expansion, has pushed the total number of subscribers to World of Warcraft back over 10 million.

Mists of Pandaria, which released on July 25th, brought an entirely new continent to the world of Azeroth for players to explore, and added a lot of content. This not only included new raids and dungeons, some of which are yet to be released, but a number of interesting and characterful additions, such as the Pet Battles system, essentially making a Pokemon-esq mini-game part of the World of Warcraft universe.

WoW Had lost nearly 900,000 subscribers before the release of Mists of Pandaria. Whether or not it will be able to maintain these number is yet to be seen, but with an aggressive patch schedule ahead of it, it is safe to say WoW will be around for quite some time to come.

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