Minecraft sells 8 million copies

According to the games official website, Mojang has now sold just over 8 million copies of the PC Block-Building,


Formerly-Indie break out hit Minecraft. The game has been a huge hit, thriving on the XBox Live arcade where many thought it would fail, and becoming something akin to comfort-food for many gamers.

In typical fashion, Notch, the games creator and head of Mojang, commented on the recent news via Twitter:

“My face is making grinning sounds, so I assume it’s grinning.”

This recent jump in sales that Minecraft has experienced is due to the fact that it is now making per-paid gift cards available at major retailers. These cards being sold, in U.S. only, at Wal-Mart, Target, and Best Buy. Perhaps they might make an excellent Holiday gift for the budding gamer in your family? Undoubtedly Minecraft will be around for many years to come, providing hours of entertainment build houses and farms, but only at right angles…

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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