MechWarrior Online entering open beta this Monday

IGP and Piranha Games have sent out a press release today announcing that their free to play action simulation game based on the legendary MechWarrior franchise, MechWarrior online will be entering open beta this Monday, October 29. In it they also state that “MechWarrior Online, one of 2012’s most anticipated titles, has been lauded by fans and the games media as the return of true mech combat. Recently the companies jointly announced that the MechWarrior Online Founder’s Program achieved more than $5 million dollars in sales since July. “


MechWarrior Online combines four core pillars of design which include Mech Warfare, Role Warfare, Community Warfare and Information Warfare. The game was originally announced back in 2009, under the name MechWarrior, but was later re-branded and unveiled in 2011 as MechWarrior Online. The game has been in closed beta since May this year, and reception has been mostly positive. Open beta was originally dated for October 16, but was rescheduled due to stability and playability issues. The game utilizes CryENGINE 3, and combines six different factions – House Kurita, House Davion, House Liao, House Marik, House Steiner and the Free Rasalhague Republic. The full version of MechWarrior Online is expected to hit PC sometime this year, and will be free to play.

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