Free to play changes for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ever since announcing the Free to play option for its Star Wars themed MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bioware has been hard at work to define the details of the restriction players without subscription will have to endure and the changes for all players
As previously announced, the free to play option will offer access to all eight character classes up to level 50 with a few restrictions and all new higher-level game content and new features will be made available by purchasing them individually or through a subscription option.
Today Bioware has released more details on the free to play option: players won’t be able to play more than 3 mission, Warzone and Flashpoint per week.
Players without a subscription will also be limited in the number of times they can quick travel between the game locations, in the number of times characters can be revived, in inventory and ship hulls’ space. Players will also face more waiting time for logging into the game.
“Cartel Coins”, an ingame currency which will be used for all in game microtransactions was also introduced.

The Free to play option will be introduced this November. Old players will be rewarded with Premium contents and an amount of Cartel Coins proportional to the number of months they played since last year.


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