EA’s Origin passes 30 million registered users, 4.4 million actively playing games

Origin, EA’s digital distribution platform has passed the 30 million registered mark, Chief Operating Officer Peter Moore revealed during a earnings conference yesterday. He also pointed out that 13 million people have used a mobile device to access Origin, 4.4 people are actively playing games, and the average sales figure is $64.

“With the 70 plus developers that are now putting content on the platform,” he said, “And with our own content itself – Medal of Honor debuted this week, obviously – our ability to continue to drive stronger commercial engagement as well as community engagement has got to be key, and the metrics all point towards that being a very strong part of our business.”

The last time we got info on the number of Origin users it was 21 million registered. That was back in July, meaning the userbase has increased by 42.9 percent in three months. Electronic Arts also managed to bring 13 new developers to the service in that time. Origin was launched to the public in June of last year and is currently on version In that time the service survived many criticisms towards some of the actions taken by the company, including the removal of Crysis 2 from its competitor platform – Valve’s Steam, user accounts being banned for petty reasons, and even spying and infraction of legal rights.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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