Bioshock is free


Bioshock Is Free

Ever needed a reason to get Bioshock? Well now you have the best one of all: You can get the game absolutely free of charge. You read that right, FREE! Nada, Zip, nothing, zero!!

While stocks last Gamefly is giving the game away with the 2 minor catches; as Gamefly is a subscription based service you will have to input credit card data (however you aren’t charged unless you buy something) and also you will have to install their downloader to get the game. That’s nothing though right? Exactly I thought so too. So I even went out and got it.

The only thing else you are going to need to play this game is a computer capable of running it. which by now most people certainly will, so what are you waiting for? Go relive one of the greatest and most original storylines and setting ever, all in the beautiful under water “utopia” of Rapture.

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