Auto Club Revolution Offers Free-to-Play Racing on PC

Auto Club Revolution is a free-to-play PC racing game that is made up of an impressive array of features that come together to deliver an enjoyable gaming experience. As far as free games go, ACR utilizes an expansive variety of cars, engaging fast-paced mechanics, multiple tracks featuring their own distinct style and design, and a dynamic ranking system that unlocks many new features and vehicles.

Building your car collection is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ACR, giving gamers the chance to own their favorite real-life cars from car companies like Lotus, Nissan, Bugatti, Ford, Chevy, Jaguar, and pretty much every other automobile company around!


Every vehicle featured in ACR has been officially approved and licensed by their respective manufacturers for authenticity, making their digital representations mirror their real-life models. This astounding level of realism assures that the cars featured in this game are of the utmost quality, making each vehicle a prize in itself.

Race everything from exotic cars to powerful muscle cars–and everything in between–in this fast-paced PC title, and experience the thrill of putting the pedal to the metal on many different tracks spanning across the globe.

With eight different classes, players can choose the best car that fits their personality and style, as well as provide efficient control out on the tracks. Every vehicle has their own VPR (Vehicle Performance Rating) that grades certain stats such as control, speed, torque, and other helpful attributes.

ACR also features a dynamic ranking system wherein gamers can earn EXP and Credits based on their performance on the tracks. Credits can be used to buy new cars, and EXP is used to unlock new classes and grades of vehicle. This system is rewarding and provides for a hefty amount of replayability to unlock all the classes and vehicles available.

Players can also challenge their friends in virtual races online, competing in a variety of different challenges to prove who’s the best racer.

Overall, ACR looks to be one of the best free-to-play PC racing games available on the market today. It provides a plethora of realism and features that distinguish it from other racing titles, making it stand out with its assurances of quality and satisfying gameplay. With a huge variety of unlockable cars, realistic and detail vehicles, online play with friends, an expansive and rewarding experience ranking system, and amazing graphics, Auto Club Revolution truly revolutionizes the  genre of free-to-play racing as we know it.

Auto Club Revolution is free-to-play and available now in a downloadable Beta for PC. For more information please visit the game’s official website.

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