Ant Raid Now Available on Windows 8 Store

Ant Raid Now Available on Windows 8 Store

Finnish indie studio Prank Ltd has brought its award-winning game Ant Raid to the Windows 8 store and released a full press release to let everyone know. The game costs $3.49 and will run on all Windows 8-supported devices. “We at Prank are excited to take part in the Windows 8 launch with Ant Raid. Among many other improvements for this new version, we made the game work as smoothly with mouse controls as it does with touch controls” says Seppo Santapukki, Creative Director of Prank. “Also the way SmartBombs – the difficulty aiding power-up items – are gotten and used was completely revamped”, Mr Santapukki continues.

Ant Raid is a lightweight real-time-strategy game toying around a cheerful horror theme. Players help a vibrant colony of ants survive swarms of fellow insects, mutated into mindless monsters by the toxic fumes of insecticide. The Windows 8 version contains 100 playable levels, 4 endless modes, 300 collectible stars, 24 enemy types and a complete localization support for 8 languages. Ever since its original release on iPad, Ant Raid has enjoyed wild critical success, and is listed as the all-time 2nd highest scoring iOS strategy game in Metacritic with a review score average of 90 out of 100.”

Critics liked Ant Raid a lot, with Tap! Magazine saying “It’s pretty much Ants vs Zombies, but Ant Raid’s controls are more organic than those in PopCap’s game, and the oddball sense of humour and design is, if anything, superior.”

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