Gunnar Optiks Sale Glasses For Gamers

Gunnar Optiks is having a  discount sale with no discount codes required! $100 off prescription gunnars.  If you guys have never heard of Gunnar Optiks before here is a brief overview.  Gunnar optiks was created for gamers and computer using professionals  dubbed “Advanced Computer Eyeware”.  Comprised of proprietary lens material in an advanced shape, finished with custom formulated lens tints and coatings, i-AMP lens technology is specifically engineered to reduce digital eye strain.

The Glasses can come in a Yellow or Clear tint with the yellow being the “recommended” option for gamers or people that do not need to see in true color (I opted for the clear tint because I do graphics design).  The glasses do take some adjusting to get used to it when working on the computer and playing games but once your eyes adjust you can literally go for hours on end without the dreaded eye strain that feels like your eyes are going to explode (I don’t recommend not taking breaks but these glasses certainly help).

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