Only the most hardcore will survive in Zombi U

The Wii U launch lineup is shaping up to be aimed at all kind of gamers, with quite some hardcore games together with the typical Nintendo games. Zombi U is probably the most hardcore of them all, requiring skill to survive the zombie invasion and to understand some of the twists behind the game’s story.

Zombi U is a remake of the first commercial game released by Ubisoft back in 1986. The player controls a random survivor in a first person view mode trying to survive a zombie outbreak in London.
The game will make full use the Gamepad features to unlock doors, helping during reloading, assist aiming and more various context sensitive uses.
The game will feature a special inventory system with the Bug Out Bag: the player will be vulnurable while accessing the inventory and if he’s killed by a zombie he’ll comeback as another nameless survivor. During gameplay you may meet your previous character in zombie mode and by killing him, you may recover your previous items: Demon/Dark Souls players surely know where Ubisoft went for inspiration!

Zombi U story director Gabrielle Shrager, as reported by ONM, has recently teased that being “hardcore” will not only help you surviving the apocalypse but finding out a certain twist in the plot before it is revealed during the game.

Zombii U is really shaping up as a nice game: to know if all the hype will be well deserved we have to wait for a little longer as the game will hit shelves together with the new Nintendo console on November 30.


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