Yasumi Matsuno departs from Level 5

Yasumi Matsuno has quite a history in the gaming development world and it’s a name Japanese Rpg lovers will surely recognize. He’s one of the few designers that got a perfect score from the Japanese magazine Famitsu for two different games.

He started his career with japanese developer Quest where he created the Ogre Battle series. In 1995 he started working at Square-Enix, overseeing the development of Final Fantasy Tactics as well as being the only writer on the project.  He then went on to design another Square Enix hit Vagrant Story, smaller in scope than Final Fantasy Tactics but not less successful.  His last project as a Square-Enix employee is Final Fantasy XII, co-directing the game and writing the story: Matsuno had lo leave the project before completion due to health issues.
In later years he worked as a freelance on a few projects like writing the story for Platinum Games’ Madworld and directing the remake of Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together.  In June 2011, Matsuno joined Level 5 with the intention of making smaller games where he could have complete control over the project.
His latest project is Crimson Shroud, a fantasy role playing game part of the joint effort project Guild 01 together with developer Suda 51.

A few days ago Matsuno-san announced that he was leaving Level 5 without giving a reason: fans speculated that his health problem had returned, forcing him into leaving Level 5.  Today Matsuno-san posted on his official Twitter account stating that he left Level 5 because he needed some time off to recharge and get ready for his next project and that he’s in perfect health.

With speculation shot down, we can hope for the best for Yasumi Matsuno and for all his future projects in the gaming world.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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