Xbox 360 Update Coming Today

A new Xbox 360 system update will start hitting consoles later today, a mandatory update that will fix reported issues found within Xbox Music and the SmartGlass app.

As detailed by Major Nelson, players will have to update once they sign into Xbox Live: the update won’t take too long and you’ll be signed back into Xbox Live in no time. The update corrects the incorrect playlist name when launching a playlist from Xbox SmartGlass to the Xbox 360 console, an error with the Xbox Video app that showed itself during captioning and another reported issue with Xbox Music preventing players to download music from their Windows 8 powered computer to the Xbox 360 console.

The SmartGlass quick fix was to be expected, given how much Microsoft has been trying to push this app, which allows users to control the Xbox 360 console and any other Windows device through this compatible devices like Windows Phones, iOS, Android Devices and Windows Server 2012: some games make use of the application, making a tablet or a smartphone as a second screen which can be used for a lot extra neat features, almost like the new Wii U’s Gamepad. As of now only some games make use of the Smartglass app and only to add some small features but more games will be supported in the future, showcasing some more possibilities given by the app.


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