Halo 4 Spartan Ops Were Different During Development

Some insights on the development of the Spartan Ops, the extra downloadable multiplayer content of Halo 4, were given by developer 343 Industries.

Interviewed by the Halo Waypoint site, Halo 4 lead designer Chris Haluke and senior designer Greg Murphy talked about the idea for the Spartan Ops came out.
The mode was originally like the Fireflight mode seen in Halo Reach where mission objectives were supposed to be different for every mission, like retrieving items, kill enemy leaders, retrieve items from enemies and so on with an arcade like feeling granting more replayability: each map would have more different objectives, picked at random before beginning the actual mission.
The next step was to actually change the objectives in each mission every week, something that was implemented in the final Spartan Ops as well.
The jump to story driven mission was almost natural: the designers worked closely with the narrative team and, as the world of Halo 4 was getting bigger and bigger, they could implement story elements in the multiplayer mode, creating a tighter experience for the whole game. A more story focused mode is surely better than some random objectives for some really generic maps, after all!

The Spartan Ops Episode are released each week on the Xbox live Marketplace, each featuring an unique story, mission objectives, presentation and voiceovers.
Halo 4 was released worldwide for Xbox360 earlier this month, on November 6.


Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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