Xbox 360 flash drive update was “intentional”

During last month, a new Xbox 360 Dashboard reached our beloved consoles and to much surprise, many users found out that the maximum storage capability for flash drives was doubled, from 16 GB to 32 GB. It was surprising mostly because of Microsoft’s policy with external storage devices and the limitations applied, making customers buy the official Xbox 360 Hard Drive to get full functionality.

It seems like the increase was intentional and not some side effect of the new dashboard update: a Microsft spokeperson confirmed today that the increase was to encourage players to use their Live profile more and buy even more digital content. More storage space = more contents.
So don’t worry people, buy and download like there’s no tomorrow, Microsoft isn’t going to go back to those little 16 GB! It doesn’t really improve on the storage limitations of the console but still, it’s a good thing that Microsoft is slowly opening up to the idea of having wider storage possibilities.



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