Wii U Miiverse Hacked, Unannounced Games Revealed

A Neogaf user claims to have accidentally hacked the Miiverse with little effort.  He stumbled upon some sort of survey hinting at a new Yoshi game, before discovering the actual Wii U debug menu, where he was able to view otherwise hidden sub-folders “including Yoshi’s Island Wii U and Soul Hackers” and more generic ones like ‘Resident Evils’ and ‘Metal Gear Solid’. These seem to indicate new games for the Wii U (or at least that certain franchises will be releasing a game on it), some of which haven’t even been announced.

He goes on to say “I could view different messages from a developer. One mentioned that there would be big games coming out (announced?) on the 10th of December.” There was no further mention of what game this might be, although fellow forum users began to theorize about its identity.

The bombshell revelation that the Wii U looks to receive previously unannounced Yoshi and Metal Gear Solid games set fans into a frenzy of excitement and anticipation. Speculation began to abound over what the nature of these games might be.

Nintendo has not confirmed whether the user’s claims are genuine, though the extensive screenshots and Q&A he posted seem to indicate that he was in fact able to do as he said. It does appear as though Nintendo managed to restrict the user’s access a couple of hours after he first posted the thread and made his troubling claims.

In a general statement about the Miiverse, Nintendo of America stated on twitter that: “So many Miis have jumped on Miiverse that some may be having problems connecting to the service. We are in the engine room getting it fixed!” It is unclear whether the fixes he mentions include preventing similar exploits from taking place.

Considering the earlier story that emerged concerning Nintendo’s arbitrarily required credit-card payment in order to create minor user accounts, this exploit raises extremely serious concerns about the security of the online system and may give users pause before they decide to enter any sensitive personal data, such as credit-card information.

Sound off in the comments whether news of this exploit affects your confidence in Nintendo’s online system.

Source: Neogaf

Article from Gamersyndrome.com

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