The Walking Dead Retail Edition Is Almost Unplayable

The Walking Dead series is enjoying some hard earned popularity thanks to the Tv series, Comic books and the TellTale developed adventure game. After the episodic release with 5 different downloads, the game was finally released in retail to allow even more players to enjoy the game.

However numerous reports state that the retail edition of The Walking Dead: The Game is a mess, full of bugs and glitches that render the game almost unplayable: slowdowns are frequent, as well as random freezing, making players loose their progres through the game. A really bad situation for such an anticipated release.

The reports aren’t really exagerating either: if you check TellTale Official forums you’ll surely notice hordes of angry fans reporting all the faults of the retail release: a gamer states that the game’s so bad that’s impossible to even reach Episode 2 with the many glitches present.

To tell the truth, TellTale staff members are answering some of the complains: however there’s still no talk about a patch that will solve the retail edition’s faults. If you’re a fan of The Walking Dead and want to play the game, we suggest you get the digital release: it looks like getting the retail edition right now would be just like throwing money against a zombie. We’ll keep you updated once TellTale officially speaks up about the matter.

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