The Phantom Pain Unveiled, Possibly Metal Gear Solid 5 In Disguise?

During the VGAs a debut trailer for The Phantom Pain was shown, showcasing the new game for Moby Dick Studios. Nothing here may seem out of the ordinary, but some details have started some rumors: this game could be Metal Gear Solid 5.

The Phantom Pain was actually presented as a next generation title even though the developer’s site states that it’s going to be for Ps3 and Xbox 360. The biggest thing is that Kojima himself was present during the trailer’s showing, which featured a character who looked like Solid Snake quite a lot. Adding fuel to the fire is a tweet from journalist Alex Rubens who said that a lot of people where wearing Moby Dick Studios shirts, together with some with the game’s logo on them during a Konami VIP meeting.

This Moby Dick Studios developer is quite shrouded in mystery: they’re supposedly located in Stockholm and this is their first big project, founded by Joakim Mogre. It may be stretching it a bit far but Joakim is an anagram for Kojima: to add even further no swede was spotted at the showing but ,as already said before, Kojima himself was there.

The team says that more news will be coming soon and we’ll finally know if this doesn’t have anything to do at all with Metal Gear Solid of if it’s a promotional stunt to launch the new game in the franchise.

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