The Last Guardian release date still uncertain

It seems like “The Last Guardian” troubles are far from being over: the game was announced on E3 2009 for Ps3 and since then it’s only been trouble after trouble with multiple delays, rumors of the project being canned and the departure of director Fumito Ueda, no longer working for Sony.

The game can be considered as a spiritual successor of Ico and Shadow Of The Colossus, both directed by Ueda-san: it’s still unknown how the games may be related but they will surely share stylistic, thematic and gameplay elements.
The story will follow a yet to be named boy who’s trying to escape the ruins of a large castles: the game will revolve around developing a strong bond between the boy and a giant feathered creature called Trico.

Gameplay wise the game will feature a third player perspective combining action adventure and puzzle elements:just like in Ico e Shadow of the Colossus, the boy will be able to run, climb, jump and interact with the environment. Some game depth will come with the giant Trico: players will have to guide him through the locations and take care of him in more ways than just feeding him.

In a recent interview, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida said that he can’t promise a 2013 release date for the game, trying to not disappointing gamers if the date couldn’t be met, like with the other delays. He also stated that they haven’t shown anything new because the team is hard at work on the graphical engine and more technical aspects of the game: the team will be showing more of the game when they can announce a real release date.

It’s been somwehat unlucky for Sony this generation with some really big projects being costantly delayed, with Final Fantasy Versus XIII being the most promising and the most delayed as well. Only time will tell if the wait will be worth it.



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