Throw pies at pumpkin headed ghosts and defend your candies in TERA Halloween 2012 events

No online game seem to be safe from the coming Halloween, with many MMORPGs getting special events and themed characters modifications. Today is TERA’s turn to get its fair share of pumpkins and ghosts, as shown by the trailer depicting some of the planned Halloween special events released today.

The Exiled Real Of Arborea, abbreviated as TERA, is a MMORPG developed by Bluehole Studio released in South Korea in 2011 and this past May in the west. A Japanese version is currently in the works, while other localized versions are currently being rumored.
The game has typical MMORPG characteristics such as crafting, player versus player actions and questing. The combat system, called Non Target battle system since the player targets foes with a cross-hair cursor, is a real time system with third person view where the players actively have to dodge enmey attacks.
Characters in the game belong to one of the seven races available, ranging from staples like Human and Elves to the Amans, draconian humanoids, the Castanics, demon-like and a few other.
Characters classes include typical fantasy games’ professions like Priest, Sorcerer, Warrior, Berserker, Archer and some more, eight classes total.

The Trailer showcases some of the Halloween Events: one of the events stars the Pumpkin headed monster Gorudo that can be defeated only by throwing pie pieces at him; in the next event shown event players are required to defend baskets of candies from monsters’ assaults!

Check the full trailer below and get ready to get into that Halloween mood!



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