Team Meat teases art from their new game

Team Meat posted new art from their latest project via their official blog. The new images from Mew-Genics showcase two of the characters from the game, Mr. Tinkles and Dr. Beanies. Mr. Tinkles, who was originally revealed last week on Twitter, is a “party gurl” with cat trophies in the background while the new tease, Dr. Beanies is a scientist with a cat.

“So every Caturday from now till we release all the details, Tommy and i will be uploading screen shots of characters and cryptic images that should slowly paint a picture of what Mew-Genics is all about.” In other words, it would be a smart idea to tune into the Team Meat blog every Saturday from now on if you’re interested in Mew-Genics or you just enjoy peculiar characters. Mew-Genics was originally announced last month and all we know about it is that it will be “randomly generated, strange and involve cats.”

“We are moving quite fast on it and should be able to start talking about platforms, more gameplay details and screen shots soon.”


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