Street Fighter Monopoly!

Are you a fan of the game Monopoly? Are you also a fan of Street Fighter? Ever picture the two together? Me neither, but honestly, there are so many different Monopoly games, so why not one more?

Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector’s Edition, as it’s called on Amazon where it’s up for purchase for $39.99 $38.75. I talked about this just yesterday with some friends actually, and these seem limited, or at least for the time being. Just yesterday, there were only eleven or so left. Now there are only three. You have been warned.

With any custom Monopoly, you can expect to go around a custom made board with Street Fighter art, and places all over the world based on stages and characters that didn’t make the cut for pieces. Have fun with your friends fighting over Boardwalk (M. Bison), or certain locations. I’m personally looking to own the Japanese Bathhouse. E. Honda knows how to relax in style. Speaking of fighting over things, the pieces, what are they? Good question! There are six custom pieces in this set, three of which are characters and three others that are symbolic things from the series. The other three pieces are a Hadoken, Chun-Li’s Bracelet and Vega’s Mask (the person that will complain the whole game). Really though, why Vega’s Mask?

The thing I find most amazing about this set is that there was a poll up in the Capcom forums before the game came out to vote on the aforementioned pieces. It’s nice to know Capcom pays attention to some of their polls. So if you’re looking to be filthy rich and be the “World Warrior” on top of being filthy rich, go pick this up now! No really, because by the time you see this, they might be gone are gone.

Perhaps they will go up for sale again. Will be interesting to start around Bison dollars.

UPDATE: There are 9 total here, and two have already been sold!

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  1. I’ve never been a huge fan of Street Fighter but would have loved to get one of theses ,it looks awesome !Yeah hopefully they release a second batch…

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