Street Fighter Alpha Series May Come Back Soon

With Capcom focusing on the Street Fighter 4 titles and its spin offs, like the not so successful Street Fighter X Tekken, it looked like all Street Fighter subseries were over and done. This was a shame especially for the Street Fighter Alpha series, which actually featured a lot of changes in the gameplay formula that still resist today in later Street Fighter Titles. Aside from the 3 main games, revisions and ports, no new Alpha title have been in development for a long time.

Not all is lost: Capcom has been asking as of now what titles players may want to get and play. Players have been answering with all kinds of titles, mostly new entries of somewhat forgotten Capcom entries like Darkstalkers and Megaman. One players, however, asked for a new Street Fighter Alpha title and received an answer through twitter by Yoshinori Ono himself, Street Fighter 4 director, among other things, where he states that he’s interested in doing something for the series.

This doesn’t mean much, since the player specifically asked for Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX, which is the latest revision for the game: will we be getting more revisions or an entirely new game? Thanks to Stree Fighter 4 director there’s at least some hope to play again as a young Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and all the others. Stay tuned for more

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