Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm coming in early 2013

The now legendary ” It will be released when it’s done” statement made by Blizzard regarding the release date of Diablo 3 is probably a thing of the past, at least for now. Starcraft II players will be happy to know that Blizzard has set a release window fot the new expansion called Starcraft 2: Heart of the Swarm.

The expansion is expected to have around 20 new missions and will expand the story from where it was left off in the Wings of Liberty expansion, taking place 2 years after the previous game: players will take the role of Sarah Kerrigan, returned to her human state by Kim Reynor; the campaing will start with Kerringan’s attempt to assume leadership of the swarm to get her revenge on Arcuturus Mengsk. The plot will mainly focus on the Zerg race, now split into different factions without a true leadership, and on how Kerrigan will try to get them together again. Heart of the Swarm will feature some tweaking on online multiplayer mode, adding seven new units, removing three old units and adjusting the abilities of old units and buildings. Some changes were already shown on last year’s Blizzcon but it seems like the team is keeping working on the tweaks so there’s no definitive list of the changes available.

Blizzard’s president Mike Morhaime has recently stated that Blizzard is shooting to release the Heart of the Swarm expansion in the first months of 2013: we know the complicated relationship Blizzard has with release dates, but this confirmation is definitely a good start.


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