Sony Computer Entertainment Patents Depth Sensing Camera

Microsoft’s Kinect is indeed one of the most interesting add on released for current consoles, at least from a tech’s point of view: controlling a game with your own body thanks to a camera is indeed a great idea on paper. However to make such system work on some more hardcore games effectively requires a lot of work and Kinect so far has suffered from the same problems as the old Wii, where games controlled with motion sensing devices often proved to be limited, gameplay wise.

When Microsoft launched Kinect, Sony already had its own spin on the motion control technology with the Ps Move, offering a somewhat similiar experience to the Wii: even the Wand closely resembled the Wiimote.

For the future however, Sony has something big planned, as shown by a few recent patents filed: last month a patent for a Ps Move and Dual Shock Hybrid was filed and now a new patent emerges for a 3D Depth sensing camera, thanks to Playstation Lifestyle. If you think this is gonna be like Kinect, you’re slightly wrong: this camera will be able to do finger tracking, something Microsoft product can’t. The camera will be able to sense depth through sound location: current cameras use infrared to detect player’s distance from the camera itself.

If wielding a sword, activating switches and firing guns with your fingers sounds like a neat thing to do, you’d better keep an eye on this new Sony product. More info will be reported as soon as they are available.

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