Skyrim: Dragonborn DLC Details Leaked

The new Skyrim DLC called Dragonborn is almost upon us and some beta testers have apparently leaked some infos about its contents, and it seems there’s going to be quite a lot included. If you don’t want to be spoiled you’d better stop reading!

The Dragonborn quest will be available even if you haven’t completed the game yet: players will be attacked by the cultists of Miraak, seeking the fake “Dragonborn”. By searching their bodies, players will find clues that will bring them into the island of Solstheim.

Solstheim is apparently quite big: the main quest will take 10 hours to complete, 30 for completing everything. Players will be able to buy houses in at least two towns, Raven Rock and Tel Mithryn. Another town, Skaal Village, has a follower who can be married.Many new creatures and enemies are introduced: there’s a werewolf clan, werebears enemies, new dragon types and more. There’ll also be more abilities, like water walking, new dragon shouts, weapons and spells. The Morag Tong are present as well as hostiles and it’s unkonow if players will ever be able to join them during Dragonborn.

The Dragonborn DLC is due tomorrow on Xbox 360, with a PC version coming early next year. No news for Ps3, currently missing all Skyrim DLC, even though things are moving: Bethesda stated some weeks ago that they may be coming very soon.


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