Skyrim downloadable content heading to Ps3

It seems the time has finally come for Ps3 Skyrim players to finally be able to experience the extra downloadable content for the game on their console of choice.

According to a tweet on Bethesda’s official twitter account is “close on new Skyrim content for Ps3 and Pc”: a rather cryptic post, to be honest. The Pc version already got all the DLC released for the Xbox360 version, Dawnguard and Heathfire with the exception of the upcoming Dragonborn DLC, while the Ps3 received none due to technical reasons which prevented a timely release.

Ps3 players have really had it hard with Skyrim: the Ps3 version has been afflicted with countless glitches which really detracted from the gameplay experience. The worst of them is the Lag issue: the more you play, the bigger in terms of Megabytes the save file becomes and the more the lags becomes a problem: some player even had an almost zero framerate in later parts of the game. And it seems like the problem can’t be patched in any way since Bethesda has only given suggestions on how to reduce the lag like keeping off autosaving options and turning off the console once lagging becomes evident. The Ps3 version also has some freezing problems and textures load failures.

The release of the DLC on the Ps3 means technical problems have been resolved and the game can finally be patched? We’ll wait for more infos in the coming days.


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