Silicon Knights Had A Silent Hill Game In Development

Among Survival Horror games fan, Silent Hill is regarded as one the best series in the genre, even though in recent years the series’ popularity has decreased, due to some not up to quality releases and overall mismanagement of the series, like the HD Collection fiasco last year, when Konami released buggy versions of Silent Hill 2 and 3 on Ps3 and Xbox 360.

Silicon Knights is a developer that knows hardships too well: their troubles with Too Human development are well known. However it looks like they were involved with more projects, at the time of the game’s development and, as former Silicon Knights employee Stefan Jewinski states on his reddit account, the team was working on a survival horror which followed all of Silent Hill series conventions: a dark and mysterious setting, full of strange creatures. The game was supposed to be an open world game that was supposed to be published by Sega, simply labeled as “The Box” and was being developed for Xbox 360 and Ps3. If you look at some of the pictures below, you can see how close to Silent Hill game The Box is.

Things didn’t go smoothly, however: Sega eventually ditched the project and The Box project was canned, except for a small interest by THQ. The game was rebranded as The Ritualist but eventually canned by THQ as well.

Despite the similarities, why this game was considered a Silent Hill game? On the developers CVs, the game is branded as Silent Hill: The Box. Maybe Konami was approached and refused? Too bad, as the game looks good, at least for its atmosphere.


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