Rumors: New Sony And Microsoft Consoles Details

Rumors: New Sony And Microsoft Consoles Details

No one can deny that the next gen is almost upon us and that Sony and Microsoft are hard at work on their new consoles: E3 2013 is probably gonna be the turning point where these new consoles are finally getting unveiled. Today some details have surfaced on them but, being still unconfirmed, they must be treated as rumors.

As reported by SemiAccurate, citing some internal reports, the next Xbox console will run on an AMD made chip called Oban. The chip was supposed to be already in production by now, however there’s an unnamed component which seems to have had incredibly low quality, causing production to be delayed. Apparently the new Microsoft console is codenamed Kryptos, and not Durango as many were speculating in the past months.

On Sony’s side, the new Playstation console will be powered by AMD as well: the chip’s production will begin most likely after the Oban is well into production, probably handled by Global Foundries or IBM. This news tie into other rumors that stated that the new Playstation console would launch in 2014: many people at Sony said more than once that the new Playstation console would hardly come in 2013, indicating Spring or Autumn 2014 as a possible release window.

We probably won’t be hearing any confirmation any time soon, still this is enough to get our minds thinking, doesn’t it?

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