Rumor: Playstation 4 Hitting Shelves On Christmas 2013

The next gen talk is getting more and more press space as we head into 2013, the year when the new Microsoft and Sony consoles are supposed to be at least revealed. With countless rumors floating around, often contradictory, it looked like we would not get our hands on these consoles before 2014. However a new rumor is getting spread around stating that the new Ps4 might get released sooner than we think

Many industries insiders are almost certain that the console will hit the market in 2013, getting a good head start over the next Xbox console. It seems like Sony wants to release the Ps4 more than one year before the new Xbox: if we think how Microsoft did the same this gen, it could not be too far from the truth. However Sony is remaining silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying.

The rumor must be treated as such however, since some developers statements contradict a Christmas 2013 release date: Bethesda has said that we shouldn’t expect any new console before 2014 being that many developers, including themselves, are still prefectly fine with the current consoles.

Seeing as Sony still has to comment, all these informations must be treated as rumors. We’ll keep you updated as soon as more news on the matter are available. Whenever the release date may be, we’re at least going to see the new console in the soon to come 2013!

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