Rumor: Onimusha Reboot Developed By Ninja Theory? False

The Onimusha series is among the Capcom proprieties that has been apparently forgotten: with 4 mainline title released last gen, everyone expected the series to make the jump to the next gen, something that still hasn’t happened. Rumors of a reboot of the series have been circulating for quite some time: at first Lost Planet 3 developer, Spark Unlimited, was rumored to be working on the series’ reboot, but in the end the rumored proved to be false.

Now that development for another Capcom series’ reboot, Devil May Cry, has been completed, rumors have started again, stating that Ninja Theory started warking on a new Onimusha game right after completing development on DmC: Devil May Cry. The studio however shot down the rumors with a statement posted on Twitter: Ninja Theory is not working on an Onimusha reboot and any rumor about the matter is absolutely untrue.

Now that even Ninja Theory has dismissed the rumors, the future looks uncertain since we’re nearing the end of the generation and the current situation may not be the best to release such a project, at least on home consoles. Not all hope is lost though: Capcom has promised, for example, to work on some “almost forgotten” franchises like Megaman soon, so it could be the same for Onimusha. Given how much fans are demanding a new game, Capcom may finally decide to give them what they’re asking for.


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