Rumor: New Xbox Console Hitting Shelves Next Year

With the Wii U release we can really say that the next console generation has begun, even though hardware wise the new Nintendo console is closer to the current one: more than one team stated that new consoles from Microsoft and Sony are much needed to make the industry move forward, both in development and from a market point of view. Numerous sources state that the next Microsoft console may be closer than we think even though there hasn’t been any official announcement.

The new Xbox console, nicknamed 720 or called by its rumored codename “Durando”, is already set for a holiday season 2013 release date according to sources close to Microsoft. The company has already a set plan for its new console: a release date before Thanksgiving would be beneficial for sales. Also, there probably won’t be any problems regarding software since development kits have already been spotted and some big developers are already working on the new Xbox console.

Microsoft still hasn’t decided how to reveal the console to the public: the most common theory says that they’ll do it during next year’s E3 but it seems like Microsoft may be planning to host a dedicated event. In any case it’s almost certain that the console will be at least revealed next year.

These rumours actually run close to other reported rumors stating that the next Xbox would be released just before Christmas 2013. In any case players better beware, the next gen is really coming!


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