Routine gets “greenlighted” by Steam

If you’re a fan of Dead Space, sci-fi horror settings and you have followed this year’s Gamescon you’ll certainly remember the horror game “Routine”. Today a page on Steam Greenlight has been added and the game will see the light during Spring 2013.

The game is developed by Aaron Foster who teaches 3D modeling at the University of Central Lancashire: Mr Foster wanted to create a game based on his love of science fiction and wanted to make a game as immersive as currently possible, creating an atmosphere close to movies like 2001: A Space Odissey and the original Alien.
By watching the teaser we can easily note how there’s no HUD in the game, no health bars, no button press inputs: the game’s all about immersing into a mysterious world, trying to make the experience somewhat realistic and more frightening. To this end, the game will sport a permanent death mechanic which will add pressure to the players venturing into the world of Routine, making them question the actions they will take during gameplay: playing the game like a traditional First Person Shooter is definitely out of the question.

Stay tuned for more details: the game is set to launch between March and April 2013.


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