PSN Update Unexpectantly Shuts Down Playstation Store On PS3

Earlier we reported that GameStop was warning customers that PSN was having problems and that DLC would not be available to download from PSN. The biggest problem DLC they had, Mass Effect 3’s Omega DLC. Turns out that the problem was Sony’s fault. The PSN update caused a problem, not allowing DLC to be downloaded from the Playstation Store.

Talking to a local GameStop manager, GameStop around the Northeast had received numerous calls from customers complaining that DLC codes they bought weren’t working. GameStop started warning PS3 owners that Omega DLC, along with other DLC, was not working and that PSN would report the DLC code as invalid. GameStop didn’t know why the problem was occurring but told customers to wait until later and try the codes again. By about 6:30pm EST, the PSN update was complete and ones could start downloading DLC again.

“From what we have been told, when Sony updated PSN, it caused some glitch in the system that prevented people from downloading anything from Playstation Store. We aren’t sure why that happened and we didn’t have a solution for people. They [GameStop] told us this was something alot of stores up here [Northeast] were experiencing. We simply told customers to try again later and hopefully the problem gets solved,” said a local GameStop manager.

Sony didn’t respond to our questions about this but this certainly caused some problems for most of the day. BioWare said they didn’t have control of what happens to the DLC once they turn it over to Microsoft or Sony. However now that things are fixed, feel free to download Omega DLC or whatever DLC you prefer.


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